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State Compensation and Assistance Division

This division and its staff is responsible for responding to the special needs of all innocent victims of violent crime through support of state and local crime victim compensation and assistance services programs as authorized by the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA). This is accomplished through the development and implementation of guidelines, the award of annual grants, monitoring, the provision of technical assistance, and collaboration and coordination with the National Association of Crime Victims Compensation Boards, the National Center for Victims of Crime, the National Organization for Victim Assistance, and other organizations. This division and its staff:

A. Makes annual awards of compensation and assistance grant funds to states in accordance with the Victims of Crime Act implementing guidelines, Financial and Administrative Guide for Grants, and internal Office of Justice Programs policies and procedures for grant administration.

B. Develops and revises guidelines and policies regarding the implementation of the VOCA victim assistance and crime victim compensation grant programs to advance program development.

C. Conducts training and technical assistance meetings and conferences for VOCA grant recipients.

D. Monitors state and local implementation of the victim assistance and compensation formula/block grants and initiates corrective actions when deficiencies are noted.

E. Prepares reporting forms and formats to capture and disseminate accomplishments and deficiencies in the implementation of the VOCA formula/block grant programs and provides data for the biennial report to the President and Congress on the impact of the VOCA victim assistance and compensation grant programs.

F. Recommends legislative amendments to VOCA pertaining to the victim assistance and crime victim compensation grant programs as well as other aspects of VOCA.

G. Makes recommendations and initiates actions to improve the coordination of victim compensation and assistance services to crime victims at the Federal, state and local levels.

H. Makes recommendations and critiques OVC annual program development plan including training and technical assistance efforts, research, demonstration efforts, etc.

I. Develops internal procedures to ensure the timely award of VOCA formula/block grants to states.

J. Encourages the development and funding of programs serving undeserved victims of crime.


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