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VAP County Programs

Anticipated Duties of VAP Coordinator/Administrator


1. Ensure victims are aware of their rights and work to protect those rights
2. Contact victims via telephone, in person and in writing.
3. Maintain continued contact with victims/family members
4. Monitor case status and inform victims/family members
5. Assess and refer for needed services (i.e. RDVIC, counseling, etc.)
6. Assess trial needs and arrange for services
7. Arrange for transportation for Court, if needed
8. Attend interviews with victims, if requested
9. Network with and support the cooperative efforts with other service providing agencies
10. Assist victims in completing impact statements and prepare documentation for the court .
11. Prepare victims to speak at sentencing if they wish
12. Notify victims of programs such as VINE, parole, Crime Compensation Fund, etc if they are eligible of services


1. Coordinate and assist victims with filing Crime Victim Compensation claims
2. Ensure Crime Victims Compensation Fund receives all necessary documents for claim (bills, police report, etc)
3. Correspond with Crime Victims Compensation Fund regarding cases
4. Completion and submission of Victim Impact Statements to the Court
5. Obtain supporting documentation (i.e. bills, etc) for the submission of the impact statement and Crime Victims Compensation Fund

Grant Bookkeeping:

1. Assure that guidelines of grant expenditures are followed.
2. Keep accurate records of expenses and disbursements.
3. Maintain accurate time record for the grant.
4. Prepare monthly financial reports for approval.
5. Prepare and monitor progress reports.

Community Awareness:

1. Distribute brochures and informational materials to victims and target groups
2. Distribute informational material for law enforcement and other service providing agencies
3. Initiate Public Service Announcements
4. Actively pursue and participate in speaking engagements/Crime Victims' Crime Week events


1. Recruit and train volunteers/interns
2. Develop intern placements
3. Supervise and assign duties to volunteers/interns
4. Maintain records and book keeping for volunteers/interns


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